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Ford Lauderdale airshow with Canadian Snowbirds

Fort Lauderdale Air show weekend of 5/6/17 5/7/17 After a 5-year hiatus the Fort Lauderdale Air Show is back with every branch of the US military represented and Canada's famed Snowbirds. ( Plus d'info...

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Ruger9X19 13
Ahh, the old Ford Lauderdale. I think my grandpa had one of those back in '39.
Impossibile! The Lauderdale didn't come out till '41, or was it '42?
; )
joel wiley 7
Gee, I thought the snowbirds all had headed North out of Florida by April at the latest.
This will be an unusual sighting.
Dan Chiasson 1
are you in tune with the weather these days up North?! ! No wonder they took a run to FLL ;-{)
Roy Talbot 6
Welcome back
arch bradbury 3
The credits go to our CF mechanics who preform outstanding work under severe budget cuts we have a Govt who only tolerate the military because otherwise they would be shamed .
rapidwolve 3
Those CT-114's might be old, but damn proud of those little buggers...high 5 to Fort Lauderdale for what looked like an excellent show.
canuck44 5
It is nice to see they are still flying given the Defense Department cuts under Trudeau and company.
Dan Chiasson 3
Any gov't in power (Harper, Trudeau, etc) knows the political risk of touching something that Canadians hold dear. No risk with the SNOWBIRDS as long as they can keep duct taping the Tudors.

rapidwolve 2
No duct tape on those girls...but a hell of a lot of custom millwork!
canuck44 2
So you realize the Sea Kings flying out of Shearwater and Pat Bay are older than over half the Canadian population. They were old when I was there in the early 1970's and somehow by the grace of God, duct tape and parts by E-bay they are still flying. The Tudors arrived about the same time, maybe a little later.
rapidwolve 2 werem't suppose to give away our secrets how we've kept them flying .
rapidwolve 1
And it's Tutor
rapidwolve 1
Isn't just Trudeau, although his blindness isn't's going all the way back to the mid nineties...they forgot it may have costs a bit more to buy them (EH101) but half the cost to repair since already getting/got the sister CH-149
Iain Robertson 1
Tutors NOT Tudors.
Roger Turner 0
Better watch out for the sonic booms - 800mph!!! - not even 800kmph!
nszonker 1
I think the context was the closing speed between the two planes as they passed by each other at 15 ft apart. The max rated speed of the Tutor is 486 mph (782 km/h). Still frightening fast!
Roger Turner 0
I realize this - just sensationalist reporting
nszonker 1
Copy that! Agree 100%.

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