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3 planes in near-misses with drones at London’s Heathrow

While actual collisions are rare, the number of near-misses has increased dramatically in recent years ( Plus d'info...

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What the hell are drone's doing in this airspace?
sparkie624 1
We do not know that he was at 10,000 feet and to think that a Drone was that high is ludicrous. The pilot was imagining something. At 10,000 feet (almost 2 miles) should have been outside of transmitter range.... Basically this guy is telling me that he is flying approx 200 miles per hour, looks out of his window and sees a drone flying at his altitude that could not have been going nearly that fast. This crew needs a reality check or a new pair of glasses.
sparkie624 1
How do we know they were near misses vs over reacting crews. As an RC Pilot we had one of club members being accused of a Near Miss with a 1/4 scale cub to an Allegient MD-80 a number of years ago. I had video at the time. We are 3 miles off the approach patch and away from him when he reported the near miss. The FAA quickly confirmed that it was not and nothing else was said about it. When I see most of these reports, Yeah Right...
Torsten Hoff 1
UK reports 70 drone near-misses at Heathrow in 2016

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