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MAS pilots knew MH370 Captain was a risk to his passengers and crew members

A secret statement made by a few high ranking pilots from Malaysian airlines system knew about the troubled MH370 captain has had in the past yet the airline Management ignored the warnings of his behavior. Even though the Pilot had suffered physiological problems and some events that happened on previous flights with other pilots who had reported him flying the aircraft off route or seemingly going below the aircraft designated altitudes on long haul flights using wide bodied aircraft. One… ( Plus d'info...

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joel wiley 1
Not only is the statement secret, the article is too. At least I couldn't find it at the link nor did a search on the news story pull it up.
Looks like the link is broken or taken down some what? But i wouldn't be surprised with MAS the way they treat there staff there only in it for the money and not people's lives
Seem's a likely cause is there evidence on hand to back these allegations up?

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