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Airline baggage theft: The most common place for carry-on and checked baggage theft

The scene, Milas-Bodrum Airport in southern Turkey, just arrived. As I exit the terminal into a soggy afternoon I open my luggage to get a jacket but when I reach for the lock, there isn't one. And one of the eyes on the zipper pulls has been wrenched apart. With a queasy feeling, I unzip the bag and there's the combination lock, twisted off and tossed inside. What's no longer inside my bag is a Nikon zoom lens and much worse, a portable hard drive with all the images from my trip… ( Plus d'info...

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tokomarutui747 1
Another airport that tops the list for theft is Nadi Fiji airport. Always make sure you wait for your luggage sometimes ground handlers keep it off the trolley carts and leave it behind a door. If you don't see it turn up quickly call airport security then they will find the bag there thieves there
dbkoob 1
So lock your back so they cant open it. Most new bags (that sell in travel stores.) Have the option to add or later purchase a travel lock to attach to the zipper

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