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Former air new zealand DC10-30 ZK-NZN arrives at NZCH from Majove

Air NZ the Kiwi carrier has brought back on of there DC10-30 aircraft from the desert Majove to be refurbished and made into a meusam in Christchurch. The former grand old bird entered service with the airline back in 1973 and was retired in 1981 and sold to American airlines and western airlines Pitty she is in a real bad shape but made the trip in the early hours of Monday morning. She will under go a major refurbishment out of sight from the media. ( Plus d'info...

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Come on another story? all of the DC10'S owned by Air NZ have being scrapped? all airworth certificates cancelled. Photo's evidence please of this aircraft would help
tokomarutui747 1
I libe in Christchurch and I spend most my days working for ANZ at NZCH I cannot see our former green and blue bird Trijets in the hangers
Roy Hunte 0
And they came from Mojave not Majove.
No it cannot be that DC10-30 was flown to Victorville and stored not Majave sorry Majove as it's pronounced
Torsten Hoff 1
>> Majove as it's pronounced

No it isn't. The actual pronunciation is "Mohave".

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