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New Zealand tourist operators in Berlin at world's biggest travel trade show

A group of New Zealand tourist businesses have been targeting key European markets at the biggest travel expo in the world during the past five days. A group of around 15 businesses including Rotorua's Te Puia, Jucy rentals Hobbiton and Air New Zealand have been exhibiting to around 1000 travel buyers and 120,000 visitors at International Tourismus Borse (ITB) in Berlin. ( Plus d'info...

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That would be good the Irish linking up with the Kiwi's I meet Jason Bourne at Berlin airport on the film set The Bourne Supremacy
I like my Irish Mug of Air Lingus the handle is inside out
tokomarutui747 1
How dear you I am Irish and have my meals turned up and tossed on the other side of my plate

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