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Mum says family was banned from Jetstar flight over toddler tantrum

TWO families with three children have been stranded in Hamilton Island for days at their own cost after being refused entry to their flight home. Laura was stunned when she was told she could not fly to Sydney on her booked Jetstar flight on Wednesday, February 22 because of her two-year-old son’s tantrum on their flight to Hamilton Island 10 days earlier... ( Plus d'info...

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Highflyer1950 6
This is the consequence of not following the F/A's instructions and preventing them from securing the cabin prior to landing. Flight attendants are not there to kiss your "ass", they are there to "save it." I suspect this kid was a problem the whole flight and unfortunately, crews are not allowed to suggest methods to quiet your child prior to flight.....this is the parents' responsibility.
Pileits 6
Just because in your mind you might think you produced this wonderful perfect child. When my child was that age we never went out for dinner, nor to movies or anywhere else with our child because we knew it was wrong to subject other people to our childs screaming and yelling that most 2yr olds do.
We stayed HOME instead.
matt jensen 2
I didn't fly with my children until they were able to understand instructions - Eight yo
linbb 6
Tough luck its the parents terrible twos that caused the problem. What if the kid started in and went on for over an hour during the flight? Why subject others to your brat? If you cant control the kid then don't fly until you can.
There is nothing worse than being stuck on a plane with kids that cant be controlled by their parents.
I wish this happened more often. (Not the crying and screaming). I have had a few flights where everyone on board was subjected to obnoxious parents and their screaming brats.
patrick baker 2
think medication, heavy medication: one quiet, well rested little brat at the arrival city.
Good plan.
I take it the man on the mobile is the twins father !

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