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Video shows Harrison Ford flying over plane before missed landing

Sources say actor Harrison Ford was flying the small yellow plane that flew over American Airlines flight 1546 at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, last week. ( Plus d'info...

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Not nearly as close as they made it out to be (shocking), but still not a good situation. Moving that slow I would've thought it'd be obvious.
canuck44 1
Time someone looked to see if his elevator is reaching the top floor. Second incident in a year.
Loral Thomas 1
Ah, come on! The engine quit in that one. He put it down in the best place he had.
Sure, he screwed up with this last one but flying as many hours as he does it never should have happened. Wonder if there's more to the story.
ar4479 0
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Harrison Ford's Taxiway Landing: Taxiway intersection was already designated as hotspot

Intersection is designated at HS-1 at KSNA. Multiple surveillance videos of the landing are included in the article linked.
Chris B 0
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Video of Harrison Ford's landing on taxiway

Cannot find original squawk, video with some but not all ATC communications. Doesn't sound like he was on top of his game.

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