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Heathrow's third runway will mean 'more domestic airport links'

Building a third runway at Heathrow will allow more connecting flights with other UK airports, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has said. He told the Commons that six regional airports could be added to the Heathrow hub network, bringing the total to 14. The new airports are thought to be Belfast, Liverpool, Newquay, Prestwick Humberside, and Durham Tees Valley. His comments came as he launched a public consultation on a new runway, unlikely to be operational until 2025. ( Plus d'info...

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bigbright737sw 2
It doesn't take into the fact over the years the growing traffic problems for wider and small bodied aircraft. There are alternative airports nearby to handle this growing problem such as Gatwick airport London city airport The Pommy's don't learn or listen to facts just create a mess
Years ago I am talking when the had BOAC VC10'S BAC 111'S 707'S over crowded air space was a common factor on approach to EGLL and the go around or diverts were extremely high back then. Today it is no diofferent

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