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Epic LT crashes attempting to land at Spruce Creek fly-in community

Tuesday evening in heavy fog an Epic LT crashed ito the front yard of a home at Spruce Creek fly-in community. The Epic LT is a kit-built high-performance single engine turboprop. A 9-1-1 caller told a dispatcher he saw the plane fly into the fog and when it came out it was "in an inverted flat spin." ( Plus d'info...

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Instrument approach into an airport that doesn't have one...?
linbb 0
That wouldn't have caused this as it was caused by the pilot loosing control of his AC. Due to those who watched it understood what happened, he was trying to land hoping he could see even though the fog prevented it. Happens all to often even with a published ILS approach. AC was a high preformace single requiring the pilot to be on top of it at all times.
bentwing60 1
Depending on ones yardstick for pilots, a J3Cub might render the same insurmountable obstacles.
I realize that, but if it was foggy, why try to "shoot and approach" where there isn't one if the weather was truly that bad? Here was the METAR at KEVB at the time of the accident:

METAR KEVB 280050Z 00000KT 1/4SM FG OVC001 19/19 A3019

Who in their right mind tries that?? This feels like "get-there-itis"...
bentwing60 1
I won't argue the point about the weather, but the airport does have a legal private GPS approach that is FAA approved. You won't see it in Jeppesens because it is private. With WAAS and LPV it is probably certified to 200 & 1/2. Anybody can correct me on the mins., I don't have a copy of the plate. Somewhere on that plate quotes somebodys weather observation, particularly the Baro. altimeter setting and if it was EVB, a commercial operator could not legally fly that approach. Let alone twice. Vis. is controlling for commercial operators, part 91 can do what they want, at least twice in this instance.
Anyone know if any ATC feeds are available of this event? Surely he'd be talking to Daytona or Orlando...

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