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Honda's first ever, $4.85 million jet just set two speed records

The HondaJet broke an existing record for its flight between New Jersey's Teterboro Airport and Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport with a flight time of two hours and 51 minutes. ( More...

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Martin Haisman 13
The only Honda where the wing actually does something.
Jeff Phipps 7
I guess you don't follow Formula 1. :-)
Don't follow it per-sea but the entire F1 vehicle is designed for down-force. I was just taking the piss out of the little hoodweebs that drive an 80 HP Civic with a big spoiler.
doublet 1
Honda Civics have had more than 100 hp for the last 20 years. Many of the current Civic models have over 140 hp. What they may lack in horsepower they more than make up for with reliability and serviceability.
Actually non turbo reported at 158 and turbo 174. Maybe I'm a little stuffy in my old age but I stick to the quality quite European cars that can tow without jamming to doors shut. Since this is an aviation site I will go back to speed and power and marvel at the idle HP of Merlin's etc around 400.
Jon Vanmeter 2
Hugh Somsen 2
Love the headline picture next to a Beautiful Connie
ToddBaldwin3 2
I have this mental image of the pilot kick starting the thing.
Andre Page 1
Pretty nice Flying Car! (Honda, flying.. get it?) ;-)

"the first in its class to" In a class of its own! ;-)

Ok, I'll stop now...
Hugh Somsen 1
Hi Doll, ya wanna ride on my Crotch Rocket?
Roger Du Bose -3
Sorry, call me old fashioned, but the only private jet you can actually, "Arrive" in would be a Lear 35, 25, 24, or 23 if there are any of those still flying. The Lear Jets I mention are sexy, very fast, and elegantly snobby! I am sure one of them has broken these trite speed records many times over, to brag about it would be a distaste to Mr. Lear's classy invention. Apparently there may be some truth to this, as the bird beaked, wing under engine Honda Jet has a lavatory! A glaring indication the jet has a problem getting one from point A, to point B, between poo, poo, breaks! unlike some of the smaller Lear Jets I have mentioned. I trust Honda ships them with a lifetime supply of Poo Pourri, (a real product, look it up) as it would be ill advised to open a window at 41,000 feet to clear the stench from the cabin. Just Saying.....
matt jensen 5
Lears were a status symbol around the 70s, then it was the Citation's, the Hawker's, and the G's. Now it's personal one pilot jet - the Honda and Pilatus. Moving on up!
...Huh? what, that's no flight record, from New Jersey to Fla in 2hrs and 51 mins:Um thinking around the globe in that like SR71 Black bird, that type of flight, please, I can travel from Brooklyn to DC in that time even using the toll bridges..
matt jensen 3
You don't burn 160 gal of jet fuel and the 71 doesn't hold six people.
The record in its class. I thought the article made it clear.
How could a company as great as honda, with an accomplishment as great as developing a clean-sheet jet, RUIN the damn thing with that F-ing bird-beak nosecone?!

Somebody answer me dammit- I want an answer. . .
744pnf 9
'cause it looks nice? Or perhaps aerodynamics is a factor.
chill out before you have a heart attack, and watch you language!
joel wiley 3
By not hiring narrow minded, over opinionated designers and consultants such as yourself.
Consider your 'damned' question answered!
It's their new (Bird baby) that'll need new wings and a new beaf after the military buys 'bout two hundred of em at the tax payers blood lever..that's two arms and one leg...lololol


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