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Mother is confused when a attendant asks her to get off flight..

Southwest Airlines is getting a lot of positive attention after they did something truly awesome for one of their passengers when they learned her son was in a coma. ( Plus d'info...

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Ichiro Sugioka 4
So nice to see a story about employees working as a team to do the right thing.
tchartman 3
I can remember flying years ago, in the 1970's, when many airlines behaved this way. There was so much customer consideration with regards to illness, deaths in the family, and other serious events.
But I guess too many customers took advantage and airport security considerations came into play.
I **really** miss the day that your family could wait at the gate with you before departure and going to the airport was so less stressful. Good for Southwest Airlines!
There are still angels in the sky - Great job...Southwest !
matt jensen 2
A very touching story. Good on ya Southwest!
What a wonderful and caring thing to do. It's nice to see that the love for our fellow man and that customer service is alive and well in the airlines. Congratulations to all the Southwest crew and staff of this flight. You make us all proud.
Jeff Phipps 1
Should be the norm but sadly it isn't. If people could afford to fly with the "good" guys and put companies like Ryanair out of business, it would suit me fine.

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