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Nav Canada to cut airline fees by almost 8% on average starting in September

The air traffic control company that charges airlines for taking off, landing and flying through Canadian air space will charge them less for their services starting in September, a move that could save airlines up to $100 million in the coming year. ( Plus d'info...

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Pass on the savings to the customers guys.......
matt jensen 2
Never happen
CaptainFreedom 2
ROFLMAO.....the savings will be dedicated to researching new and innovative ways to squeeze more and more of us into the cabin.
Dave Wood 1
It didn't trickle down the the private pilots, I still have to pay $72 every year for I don't know what.
canuck44 1
This is a model for the folks that want the FAA privatized, certainly the ATC portion. The system would then be free from the politics of "government shutdown" and might be for the first time in history of government, money has been returned to the users while at the same time delivering quality service.

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