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Incident: United B787 at Sydney on Jul 4th 2016, suspected bird strike

A United Boeing 787-900, registration N27958 performing flight UA-840 from Sydney,NS (Australia) to Los Angeles,CA (USA) with 308 people on board, was climbing out of Sydney's runway 34L when the crew reported they had flown through a flock of birds at about 1000 feet AGL and probably had a couple of them hit an engine (GEnx). The crew subsequently requested to stop.. ( Plus d'info...

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James T 1
252 pax plus 56 employees? Seems a bit much.
Yusef Elnahas 1
Exactly the website I use to get my squawks.
andrew357 1
YSSY should do something about the crowding bird flocks around the airport. The worst place for this occurrence is R34 out towards the waters edge. Heaps of birds there it's a danger to many incoming aircraft if 34L is busy. Ansett Australia had many bird strikes as they used there b733's for take off's and landings back in 2000 Qantas had them as well. I recall a Korean B742 incident years back which a flock of seagulls went through the turbines of number two four on approach to the runway
Ant Miraa -1
I have seen videos of australian airliners with flashing landing lights as the norm. This was to help combat the issue
sueridge307 0
andrew357 0

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MSU Sparty 8
Are you that stupid or just trying to get a few clicks?
bentwing60 7
The ability to respond on any given thread is clearly not an IQ test! Could probably substitute in some cases though.
linbb 5
Trolls need to vent and they found this site to do it on. No knowledge about AC at all most show it in there posts.
djames225 1
Perhaps a bit of both..and another reply to him, just below us, must be his brother or sister

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MSU Sparty 6
Wow. An even more hideous comment totally off point.

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