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‘Small players in macabre game’: 5 things we learnt from MH17 inquest

AN INQUEST into the MH17 crash has acknowledged the anguish of families forced to repeatedly relive the last moments of their loved ones ever since the tragedy. Their latest ordeal came as they watched a graphic reconstruction of the moment a missile hit the Malaysia Airlines flight at Glebe Coroner’s Court in Sydney today. Of 298 who died in the crash, 38 were Australian citizens or permanent residents. NSW State Coroner Michael Barnes made these key points as he presented his findings today:… ( Plus d'info...

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latasingh452 0
well there is a lot more to the incident then that and what about MH370? do they want to fined it or not? somethings not right with what happended to this aircraft and passengers & crew I think MAS don't want to fond it or know where it is?? you decide flightaware fans
linbb -1
I don't know but you need spell check here for sure.
As far as finding 370 I do hope that it happens but its getting too much the constant posting of virtually nothing day after day on here.
And that also goes for dragging 17 around day after day too. All that is posted is either speculation done by trolls or old news again by trolls on here sitting in there little area behind there little desks at work trying to be somebody.

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