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Navy P-8 Poseiden Locates Castaways On A Deserted Island In The Pacific

The Navy’s ultra-versatile P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft has risen to all-star status both within the halls of the Pentagon and on the export market. ( Plus d'info...

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If not for the mighty men, The Minnow would be lost...
Gary Gregory 2
Hey Bud, when I read the headline I was wondering when I'd see the first Gilligan's Island reference. LOL
scott8733 1
....the minnow would be lost. LOL
btweston 1
Maybe they flagged them down with radio coconuts...
allench1 0
thrustt good to see you here, have not seen much from you,sparkie and others since we lost Wayne Bookout. Of course i have not commented much as we have armchair pilots that get off on posting incendiary comments, in any case good to see posts from fellow pilots.
744pnf 1 Mama always said 'if you can't say something nice say nothing at all.'

Fellow (retired) pilot.
Mike Harbour 1
If only everybody else's mom (or dad) taught 'em that...the commenting sections across the Web would probably be mostly empty!
allench1 0
U just said something of which u know nothing about. Also a fellow pilot.
btweston 0
I thought you guys got off on going on tirades about foreigners. I don't think any occupation of qualification makes that anything less than douchebag material. But congratulations, I guess. You certainly get a star in the outsized ego department.
allench1 0
allench1 -1
Remind me what aviation experance do u have,types flown, hours. I already know your sarcasm skill. Brit maybe
Thanks, how's your wife?
allench1 0
She is doing much better thanks for asking also as u can see below they r here again
Rene Kunz 1
These 'Castaways' apparently never heard or learned about the 'SOS' distress call/sign.
btweston 1
Pretty cool that these guys were rescued, but I think they can calm down about the fact that it was a P-8. Any other plane with windows could have stumbled upon these fellows.
CaptainFreedom 1
Stay civil, guys. One of the things that I like about this forum is the mixture of industry experience and those (myself included) who love aviation as a hobby. One of things I respected most about Wayne was the tact and openness that he employed in his posts.
allench1 0
I have kept mine civil, been on for more than 10 years and NEVER have I had the insults I now have every time I post by btweston. Maybe If you are going to post about civility it should be directed to the only posts related to civility. merely reading the below post's should be all it takes. One more point of interest, Wayne Bookout and I both started out on old glory 707.we have along with many others welcomed aviation enthusiast from arm chair to computer pilots among others. Don't get me wrong i have the greatest respect for others, but I want the same respect back. Have a nice day
Bill Butler 0
The "ultra-versatile P-8" would be a static display if it weren't for the men who maintain it and those that man it.
-Former Navy B/N, 2500 hrs in tactical jets...for those of you who require veracity of posts.
kelly couch 0
"if not for the courage of the fearless crew,the minnow would be lost""The minnow would be lost"

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