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Boeing 787-8, Trent 1000, Thrust Reverser operation.

This video shows the operation of the Thrust Reverser on a Trent 1000 powered Boeing 787. In the video you can see the blocker doors closing the D-Duct (aka the Fan Duct) when the Thrust Reverser section moves rearwards. As it moves rearwards, it opens the sides of the engine, the Fan Air moves out through the sides instead of going out of the back. This directs the thrust of the Fan through the Cascade Vanes on the sides of the Thrust Reverser (seen in the video), the cascade vanes are… ( More...

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Jack370 1
Beautiful "no load" video. Now all they need is a video with full load. No doubt things would look a little different :).
Robert Myers 0
Just a tad different. ;)


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