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AA Ground Stops amid Computer Issues

The Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday American Airlines flights experienced nationwide ground stops amid computer issues. ( More...

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Lloyd Boyette 1
More on this. :
bdarnell 1
Probably tried to upgrade to iOS 9
preacher1 1
Well, as systems get bigger and more widespread, stuff is going to break or just as with some web pages or your PC, they may just get tired and say to heck with it, I'm tired, and reboot or just out and out quit for awhile, with no apparent reason.
preacher1 1
And sometimes, a seasoned IT manager can be standing right there looking at it. Ipads and all are nice instead of lugging around a flight bag but are subject to the same thing.
Lloyd Boyette 0
A little better of an article. Anyone have more info on this?
kc0rzw 2
Maybe I am looking at it wrong, but that examiner article looks to be 2 1/2 years old.
Lloyd Boyette 3
Nope. You're not looking at it wrong. I was in class and did not read enough of it to know I was looking at the right one. That's my mistake.


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