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Lufthansa’s “Movable Monument” Tante Ju 52 soars over Hamburg

Fly back in time aboard Lufthansa's 1936 vintage Junker JU52 in a scenic flight over Hamburg during "Airport Days". ( Plus d'info...

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WhiteKnight77 2
Pretty cool. I love to see that old aircraft are fixed up and can fly again. Some of those aircraft are pretty historic and this one is no different.
I flew I this plane in 1977 or 78 when it was based in Gainesville. Great plane. I was flying the DC-3 at the time, and it handled better.
The JU52 handled better.
ADXbear 1
I flew Martin Cadins's JU52 in Melbourne Florida sometime in 1980.. very slow and docile flying airplane..
Art Troutman 1
The article states that DLBS is restoring a Lockheed L1649 Starliner! I didn't believe that there were any in existence. We took an L1049 Super Connie fuselage and hung a brand new wing on it! The new wing was long on span - and short on chord. The problem was - the thrust line of the Wright R3350 turbo-compound engines was offset too far from the wing chord line. Hence, this engine thrust offset caused the wing to 'warp' enough to throw that engine thrust line away from the ideal 'line of flight' - enough to degrade performance. TWA flew them for awhile. But 'word' got around - and sales went belly up. Besides - turboprops and jets were coming along.
Jeff Sutton 1
Regarding the restoration of the L1649A:
Art Troutman 1
What a jewel, Jeff! I had forgotten that Lufthansa was one of our L1649 customers. What a treat to see some vary familiar 'innards' - as they stripped it down to the bone! I was especially intrigued by the unique 'engine test stand'! You could set a new land speed record when you revved up that Wright R3350 turbo compound! Thanks, Jeff!

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