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Microburst at KCHD Flips Planes

Nearly a dozen planes have been flipped over and heavily damaged after a microburst at Chandler Municipal Airport. The storm brought 60 mile an hour winds to the small airport near Loop 202 and Cooper Road just before 9 p.m. on Tuesday. 10 planes were damaged during the storm. Most were flipped over, pushed into other planes, or pushed into airport fences. ( Plus d'info...

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Jeff Lawson 4
More pictures of the damage from that storm --
Was at KCHD this morning and found that many more than 10 planes badly damaged. It was obvious that the planes had been tied down, the tie downs were literally ripped out of the wings on some. Sad thing to see
Peter Steitz 1
In the video and pictures, I don't see any tie downs. Some planes were not damaged or moved so maybe they were tied down.
Everything at chandler air service would have been tied down with gust locks or belts holding controls, you don't see tie downs because winds strong enough to blow in hangar doors will break tie downs.
If you need an engine......
FlyBoyDC10 1
I do need an engine. Any C-210B's in the mix?
Same thing happened to me many years ago at KTZR, Columbus -- my brand new (14 hours on it) Cherokee, tied down, was totally destroyed when tie-downs broke and scrambled the plane along with many others.
japanjeff 1
Were these planes not tied down? Or is 60 mph wind enough that is doesn't matter if you tie them down?

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