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United to end Guam 737-800 service

United will cease operating the Cairns Guam service as of the 26 September 2015. UA94 will be the last scheduled flight operating from Guam to Cairns. Also the Nadi/Guam service will also stop at the same time. Alot has to do with the non profitable losses and passenger loadings. ( Plus d'info...

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Ouch. This route was a staple for Continental Micronesia, and was the shortest flight between the (territorial) United States and Australia.

With YBCS/PGUM and NFFN/PGUM ceasing, is UAL looking to wind down the Air Mike routes?
airindia744 3
I can remember some years back flying from Guam direct to klax on a Continental Micronesia Boeing 747-200. But for some reason the US Government stopped this flight and a lot of military personnel heading home were on the flight. But not sure what the reason was. I know the NFFN/GUAM route was full so I have no explanation to why UAL has stopped it.
canuck44 2
Does this have the appearance of fishing for a subsidy? It will be no surprise when that is brought up.
The US government likes fishing with red tape as well??
tracytearata 3
Yes I flew this route NFFN/GUM amd the flight was originally a Continental aircraft now UAL but why on earth would they pull it out. Pax numbers were good
parisram007 1
Unfortunate to see this route go from NFFN/GUM route. Maybe the will reconsider the route later or bring it back.

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