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Why is Virgin Australia storing two 738's at Melbourne base

Informatiom has being handed over too the media as well as TV networks in Australia about two new Boeing 737-800's which Virgin Australia have being stored taped up and left there for ten weeks. VH-VUM has being sitting idle at the back of the hanger out of the public eye. Recently the sister ship VH-VUN has also being stored. Why?. Virgin won't say. But apparently the leasing company has something to do with this. ( More...

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parisram007 2
Hi plane spotters and aviation enthusiasts. Here is the link below you can read the full story. I got it for you and for this rude person commenting below sirusloon TRY THIS!.
VH-VUM and VH-VUN are not new planes they 2007 models owned by CIT leasing and are probally going of Virgins books as new owned planes arrive

Are they owned sold waiting for new owners or leased going back to the lessor?
siriusloon 2
No idea, the link to the article doesn't work.

There are many possible explanations, but only one is correct and we'll have to wait to find out.
parisram007 0
I think you need to wake up to yourself. Firstly this is a SQUAWK area not a discussion area. If you want to comment or make rude suggestions go to the discussion forum. Also who are you to comment. Your past posts aren't perfect and some don't make sense. You obviously are bored with nothing better to do in life. Try and get one. I got the link up easy. As for these two aircraft they belong to another company and have being stored due to the airline Virgin Australia not needing them. If you get your brain to work efficiently you can go to the web site to read all.
I presume it maybe they have too many B738's and they need to ground a few. I could be wrong but I don't think the finance company wants them back. Sir Richard Branson would not let that happen. He wanted to buy the Concordes for a $1.
siriusloon 1
Hey, that was helpful. First something you only presume, then you say it could be wrong, then you post a completely made-up supposition about Branson (unless, of course, he consults with you frequently and you really do know what he thinks), and you top it all with a completely irrelevant comment about the Concorde. Most people with absolutely nothing to contribute simply post nothing, but not you. Are you getting paid by the word or have some kind of quota and have to post whether you have anything to say or not?
pirahna432 -1
Why would anybody care?
siriusloon 1
Oh, right, because only things you're interested in are the things everyone else should be interested in and if something is of no interest to you, there's something wrong with anyone else who is interested in it.

Incredible as this must seem to you, some people are actually interested in why those aircraft are parked, costing someone money, and not generating any revenue for anyone. Since you don't care, why did you even come to this page, why did you post a comment, and why are you back here yet again to see if anyone responded?


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