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Affirmative Action Lands in the Air Traffic Control Tower

When a plane starts its final descent, are the passengers more concerned about the competence or about the skin color of the air-traffic controllers on the ground who will help the pilot land safely? The answer may be obvious to readers, if not to the Obama administration. A recently completed six-month investigation by Fox Business Network found that the Federal Aviation Administration has quietly moved away from merit-based hiring criteria in order to increase the number of women and… ( Plus d'info...

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Mike Davis 12
And we used to complain about the media being too liberal? Let's keep politics out of aviation discussions unless there are facts to back opinions, and quit trolling for political consensus in an inappropriate venue.
Tom Spann 8
Why post part of a story from a newspaper that requires you to subscribe to read it.
Tom Pera 4
as an old ATC guy I can say that there were plenty of white, men incompetents, too... we would keep them off the busy positions at the busy times...
mags stumpp 2
Fox media machine at work again. I agree with Matt. When we see evidence of incompetence then we should worry? Facts are usually in short supply in these op ed pieces. Besides, airlines have embraced diversity for years and I haven't seen aircraft falling out of the sky because of those policies.
Matt West 2
OK - I'll give this more serious consideration when I see a report from a non-network source. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, they all peddle their own agenda. Cite me an aviation source, then I might believe it.
Lewis Tripp -3
You don't have to do anything Matt. Wait for huff and puff or one of the leftist ,liberal networks reports on a crash coming soon to an airport near you. That will be a hell of a price to pay for unqualified blacks and women hired to please Obama. He is the worst thing that ever happened to this great nation. Socialism, aka communism at it's best.
Unqualified blacks? Aren't you aware that affirmative action covers more than that???
Agree 100%
Lewis Tripp -3
That useless bastard in the white house is hell bent on ruining this country and no one can stop him. Now he is going to be responsible for some idiot ATC sending a few planes in each others way crashing because the only criteria for getting hired was affirmative action.

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