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Man angry about overbooked flight strips off and throws naked tantrum in middle of the airport

Travelers at a North Carolina airport had a rude awakening on Wednesday morning when a man stripped naked to protest at his flight being overbooked. According to witnesses at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the man was attempting to get on board a US Airways flight to Jamaica. One witness said he heard a man yelling and sounding very angry. An airport employee told her that the man was angry over his flight. ( Plus d'info...

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Torsten Hoff 17
On the bright side for everyone else, the overbooking was reduced by one passenger.
He must now be on the "no fly" list A pun for those who missed it!!
Paul Smith 1
My head hurts with that one!

Good one!
lynx318 1
So this was a non-clothesed case¿
Dale Ballok 5
I don't know what's worse... the fact that a man stripped naked to protest overbooking or Shelley the witness who stated so eloquently "I ain't never seen anything like that before"! lol
joe milazzo 1
I think it's funny how the writer repeated, several times, the witnesses words! I think he/she was trying to make a point of emphasizing the lack of proper grammar!!
Paul Smith 4
He would've been charged with indecent exposure.

He was let go for lack of evidence!
Scott Campbell 2
Sad really , mental illness is still turned into a joke or attack... this could be your father,brother or friend - family. Proves were never to old to be-little those LESS than ourselves.
dee9bee 2
I doubt the police let that go on for a whole hour...On the other hand, I've been told that the Daily Mail is the 'National Enquirer' of Britain so the whole thing may have been exaggerated.
Call me crazy....does he not have the same body shape as the Grinch?

Hint for the class - Dramamine and Booze = naked in the terminal.
CaptainFreedom 3
Yeah it is unfortunate that naked people experiencing medical issues in public tend to be male, old, fat, and ugly.
Jeff Lawson 1
WBTV also reports "The woman says the man was standing in the concourse naked for about an hour."
I worked many oversold flights in my airline years, and I can honestly say I never encountered a person,man or woman,stripping naked in protest of not getting on a flight..i have had lots of wterbottles or briefcases or purses slammed down on a counter top,been screamed and cursed at (for which you can call security)and been threatened with the old lawsuit thing..but never had someone take off their clothes in protest!
ed collis 2
I wonder if the airline staff were in fear of being attacked with a friendly weapon ?
Paul Smith 1
From his looks it probablywas attacked with a dead weapon.
joe milazzo 2
Now that's funny!!
lynx318 1
More likely a concealed weapon.
sharon bias 1
It's never someone with a good body who does this, is it?
I'll do it if you desire!!!
3 hours and no response.
lynx318 1
The elongated blurring in the 2nd photo is, I suspect, a bit exaggerated.
Seems like somebody(s) would have just escorted him to the bathroom and beat the shit out of him. End of story.
Pileits -1
I couldn't help but notice the grammar that "local local" was using. Another typical educational FAIL by the education system.
linbb 0
Thanks grimmer police for catching that great catch. OOOPs misspelled grammar.

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