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The A380′s first flight 10 years ago this week: A look back at the historic day

10 years ago this week, the Airbus A380 took to the skies for the first time. A look back at that historic first flight and all the programs past, present, and future prospects. Did it really live up to expectations? (airwaysnews.com) Plus d'info...

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Colin Seftel 4
3rd squawk on this topic.
preacher1 -3
A historic day it was but all this PR hype doesn't want to mention Qantas flight 32 that shredded an engine not quite a year later. It's actually a testament to the plane on 1 hand that it survived with so much damage, but in their own words, for various reasons, there were 5 senior Captains on that flight. A regular 2 man flight crew could not have handled all the bells & whistles than came their way.
Colin Seftel 6
Qantas 32 was caused by a manufacturing defect in one of its Roll-Royce Trent engines, which is one of the two engine options for the A380. The aircraft made a safe landing thanks to the crew, the airframe design, flight management systems, and was easier to manage being a four-engined plane. The same fault on a Trent powered 777 or A330 might not have ended so well.
djames225 2
My thots exactly Colin...twin jet vs 4 jet...And yet they still go on pushing twin jet aircraft for long haul flights and people continue to fly on them everyday...those 330 ETOPS tests, on twinjets, are a joke...sorry but if I cant get on a 4 jet craft for a long haul, Im not going.

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