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1992 April Fools Day: Welcome to Chicago

Airline passengers descending into Los Angeles Airport saw an 85-foot-long yellow banner on the ground that spelled out, in 20-foot-high red letters, "Welcome to Chicago." It was raised above the Hollywood Park race track, about three miles from the airport. Park spokesman Brock Sheridan explained, "It was something we always wanted to do. We thought it would be kind of funny and our new management... thought it would be a great practical joke." The sign remained up for two… ( Plus d'info...

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haha! When once flying on April Fool's Day and the doors had closed we gave the announcement "Welcome on board your flight to Rio de Janeiro" (we were travelling to Heathrow).....the reaction was priceless lol
The sign should have been placed at the arrival gate perhaps preceded by the flight attendant announcing "Welcome to Chicago, the local time is......' Now that would be fun!
I don't think the airlines would allow it, however.
Dave Mathes 1
..I dunno'....just an everyday debark is confusion enough for some people...!
Eline Sterado 5
Brilliant! (but not something to be tried on Korean Air...)
wb2cjs 2
Each year on 4/1 our flying club visits Historic Meigs Field:
You can do that but just don't land.
Nice one
lynx318 1
Passengers start to notice and complain, then on queue captain voice on pa "Whoops, I've been using Google maps again, Sorry"

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