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Companies work to keep drones out of no-fly zones

When a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter drone crashed at the White House in late January, Hong Kong-based DJI responded quickly with the release of a software update that added a 15.5-mile no-fly zone around Washington, preventing its Phantom 2 products from taking off in the area. ( More...

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Bernie20910 2
A 15.5 mile zone? And yet, I can fly a kite to 500' over the White House from the Mall, any day of the week that the wind blows in that direction, and have done so many times? That 15.5 mile zone pretty much includes anywhere inside the Beltway, including the entire city of Washington, D.C., well into suburban Maryland and Virginia, the entirety of Rock Creek Park, and dozens of smaller parks and schoolyards. That seems a bit excessive to me.


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