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Hawaiian 47 Emergency Landing

Video from todays emergency landing. He diverted back to SJC after the windshield cracked. ( Plus d'info...

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jwmson 1
I saw the spoilers deploy on landing.
mike SUT 1
They didn't deploy at touchdown, but shortly after. They were probably deployed manually after touchdown when they noticed no spoiler handle sliding back.
Hawaiian Airlines
OAK–HNL # 47, Diverted to SJC – January 18, 2015

What ever happen to the “True Hawaiian Spirit” of “The Spirit of the Islands” ?

It’s very sad and appalling, that an airline serving the Hawaiian islands would, make their paying passengers / customers wait, for a replacement aircraft, in the manner that Hawaiian Airlines recently did on Sunday, January 18, 2015.

HA # 47 departed KOAK, on time, at which time the pilot, noticed a crack in the windshield, due to fog issues, he diverted the flight to SJC. A flight, that normally would have arrived HNL around 3:30 PM PST … Left the passengers, in San Jose, Ca until it finally departed at 12:19 AM, on early Monday morning the 19th of January .. Approximately eighteen (18) hours late.

As a former employee of Trans World Airlines (TWA) and former travel agent, I find this completely unacceptable. No, I was not booked on the flight, however, as an advocate of quality customer service, I feel this delay was uncalled for.

Hawaiian Airlines did not provided a “replacement” aircraft to the stranded passengers, until after making them wait for a scheduled flight to arrive San Jose (SJC) on Sunday evening, from Honolulu. Why not have flown in another aircraft from, PDX, SEA, LAX or LAS ? In telephone calls I made to them, Hawaiian Airlines opted; “No comment”

“No comment” says it all, to be understood as; “So what, the passengers just have to wait until were ready” .. In recent days, I had been scouting for reasonable fares to Hawaii for myself and family. **Note to self: “Don’t use Hawaiian”
Tom Lyons 7
It's a bad time of the year to have a disabled plane bound for Hawaii. Most of the planes from the West Coast to HNL on Hawaiian Air leave around the same time in the morning and arrive back around the same time toward late evening. They don't have 767s or A330s sitting around during the day in any mainland city. And their partner AA only runs 757s to the Island and from LAX only so they couldn't help with extra capacity. It's just a bad break IMO. They don't have the inventory this time of year to do a lot of shuffling given the demand and full planes.
1Robertg 4
Mr Roberts I have one question for you, as an ex TWA employee, will all due respect:
Did TWA, or any airline that you may know of, ever have a 'replacement' aircraft available to dispatch at a moments notice? If the answer is yes, the that may be the reason TWA and other airlines are no longer in existence. Idle A/C = loss in revenue.
mike SUT 4
Gee Mr Roberts....not only don't airlines have spare aircraft laying around but they don't don't have spare aircrew laying around too at non crew base airports. So this little FAA rule about "adequate crew rest" and "no more than 8 hours flight time on a 2 pilot aircraft in 24 hours" along with "Crew duty day maximum hours on duty" as well as a few more that are applicable all combine to keep an aircraft currently not being used in another city to replace the broken aircraft. Not just Hawaiian, ALL Part 121 carriers here in the US. If you find safety unacceptable, I suggest you go to Hawaii by boat. Just be advised, they too have to follow rules too to protect you.
Nick Hesler 2

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