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American ‘evaluating’ proposed long-range A321neo

American Airlines is “evaluating” Airbus’ proposed long-range A321neo, says vice-president of fleet planning Peter Warlick. “We will be evaluating the economics and the range and performance capabilities of the long-range version of the A321neo,” he says in an employee newsletter on 30 October that was first reported by Bloomberg. The Fort Worth, Texas-based carrier would likely use a long-range A321neo, which is being design specifically with transatlantic routes in mind, to replace… ( Plus d'info...

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steve rogers 2
boing is doing so well with the 777 , its like they completely forgot about the 767 and 757 or just never bothered investing anymore time on them , its too bad , they are great airframes that just needed modern revamps , and yet the 737 as been upgraded many times over the years , go figure ?
s2v8377 2
I think this is very smart move on Airbus's part to develop a long range A321NEO. A long range A321NEO is going to make them a lot of money as Boeing will have no answer for it.

It also makes sense for AA to push for it as they will be operating a large A321 fleet for many years to come. American currently operates 20 long range high altitude 757s on European and Latin American markets. They also operate a similar variant of 13 on the LAX- Hawaii routes.
preacher1 4
Boeing just screwed up big time by not having a replacement behind the 757. Nothing is that slender and has the performance. the 737 is nice but it is rather plump and can't go the distance. Just ain't nothing out there like that hi-steppin' lady. She is in a class all her own. A pilot's dream
30west 2
A pilot's dream. Amen!! It is my all-time favorite.
preacher1 2
36 years and the 767 that replaced it is a wonderful airplane but it can't hold a candle.

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