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Landing at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Cessna 172

Night Landing at Chicago O'Hare Airport with ATC Audio. ( Plus d'info...

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preacher1 10
The 1st controller was a little bit surprised. LOL
Michael Fuquay 11
Well, it's not everyday an airport of that caliber gets a "waterboy" that wants to play with the "linemen". ;)
preacher1 6
preacher1 2
And it's not everyday that a 172 shows up VFR at 0200. LOL
preacher1 2
I am really surprised that you got in showing up at 0200. IFR would have given them a heads up for sequencing and all and really entitled you to a piece of the sky
Jeff Lawson 1
I've done VFR to Houston KIAH in a C172 at midnight, also calling in advance on the phone for permission. No problems at all though our first controller also expressed the same amount surprise.

Houston KHOU (also a class B airport) is also very welcoming to small VFR pistons, even during the day. The third Saturdays will often see a few light aircraft flying in for a monthly gathering at their 1940s Air Terminal Museum.
BaronG58 1're about KHOU. I fly in there 4-6 times a month and they are always accommodating. 25-30% of their traffic is general aviation.
preacher1 1
Until SWA came to town, they had to rely on GA for survival after KIAH opened.
BaronG58 1
Yes! SWA was Khou's savior. I grew up about 2 miles from Hobby. I would ride my bike there as a kid and leave my bike at the front entrance and go to the observation deck. Try doing that these days!
mpouliot 10
VFR : You have b...s ! I went to Dulles & Laguardia IFR. You sounds like a very experienced pilot. Very well done. Fun to hear the reaction of the controller . They are 99.9% so professional and helpful .
tedtimmons 7
I landed a Cessna 150 Aerobat Texas Taildragger at Cleveland Hopkins - got several thumbs up from passing airliner pilots :-) Ah, life's simple pleasures.
flyingj481 1
I had a lot of fun flying Kolibers,, into DEN at night. Most of the time the controllers didn't know what they were so they were interested in us, which they usually aren't for 172 traffic. It is fun to get special attention as a small aircraft GA pilot.
Ray Fencl 2
I did this in 1975 with my Skyhawk. I was dropping off a charter. Enjoyable, but control kept yelling for more speed. That made sense,.
ADXbear 2
Nice view.. good that they let you in.... always fun working into ta Big Class B airport..
preacher1 1
and VFR at that
sharon bias 2
Had the opportunity to fly into SFO in small 4 seater once (don't know type of plane). It was a blast.
sparkie624 2
Very nice... I am surprised they allowed that.. Glad it all worked out. Hope you did not have any problems getting back out.
Michael Fuquay 1
I didn't notice any time indicated. I would be surpised if it was during an arrivals rush, with their three parallels coming in. But I could easily see doing it in the middle of the night when things are slow.
preacher1 2
Seems like the story says around 2am and ATC said there were quite a few aircraft around.
Tom Lyons 2
Wonder what kind of pressing business he had at ORD at that time of night to arrive via 172? Perhaps it was just a "bucket list" adventure. Fun video nonetheless.
BHerzog 2
I can speak to the landing fee at ORD. I took a skyhawk there a couple years ago around 5:00 PM during a nice VFR day (I went IFR) and it was a piece of cake. I've been there a lot during my day job though and familiarity really helps ease the ground controllers mind. The tower and approach guys are no where near as concerned about a 172 as the ground controllers are.

I paid $200 at Signature for my quick turn to pick up a person off an airline arrival.

It's not uncommon to see Mooney's and Baron's on the ramp there at Signature.
John Danner 1
This had to be a 'to do' on the pilot's "Bucket List". I like it but ooh, the landing fee had to be painful. ATC was excellent !
preacher1 1
I think so. There have been several questions about that landing and ramp fee but ain't nobody saying nothing.
flyingj481 1
I mentioned this below, but many Class B airports don't charge landing fees for late night/early morning touch and go and stop and go traffic. If you park at the GA ramp, then you will get charged the landing and ramp fee. That has been my experience.
preacher1 1
It has always amazed me to see a little one like this on the runway at DFW or KATL and just acting like a big dog. Most of those were IFR though and pretty much had their piece when they got out there. Most of these bigger airports had a different runway for GA traffic and it didn't interfere that much but every now and then when wx was just right they had to put them together. It is kinda comical to watch on one hand but they are in real close proximity for the wake on the other. I saw a 150 one day next in line behind a 777 and sitting still. As the 777 spooled up, I thought the 150 was going to flip, just sitting there, so it ain't all fun.
joe milazzo 1
Noticed that he sunk below the papi on short final and landed short?
30west 4
I noticed that as well, starting at about 200' AGL. Great spacing from the controller, well behind the heavy. I think that he planned to touchdown at about 400-500' down the runway (count the runway lights passing by out the side window) to be able to exit the runway as soon as possible to minimize the amount of time that he was tying up the runway. Very nice job, excellent com procedures, on centerline and clearing the runway as soon as he slowed!
CaptainFreedom 3
He probably is used to landing on strips where he canoe afford to burn 500' of runway with his flare. We usually land right near the numbers (assuming there are numbers :)
Are you thinking the wake from the 74?
joe milazzo 1
Absolutely, but I'm sure at 3 miles in-tail minimum at the start of his approach (assuming) he most likely was well behind at his final.
tedtimmons 1
All pilots are taught that when a controller says "caution, wake turbulence," the safe thing to do is keep your glide path above the aircraft you are following and touch down past the point where they touch down. He got away with it this time but it was not the proper way to fly the approach.
Especially following a big boy like that...
Donald Rand 1
reminds me of the time I took a Musketeer to JFK vfr to pick up someone stranded by the airline strike in 1967. The controllers sounded like they were happy to talk to someone.
Ryan Hodges 1
Ive flown my mooney into KMEM during the nightly FDX push several times. Its certainly educational!
sparkie624 1
Working at KMEM for a few years now, a lot of it on the RAMP, it gets quite educational just to taxi a a plane from the Ramp to the Hangar or ViceVersa... At Late Night, they are probably busier than O'hare after midnight...
Warren Fowlie 1
Reminds me of a couple of young aviators flying into Auckland International many years ago in a Cessna Aerobat. One of them took it up professionally and now does it almost every day.But I have to say this is Incredible!! VFR in the wee hours of the morning, flying into O'Hare on a clear night, .. behind a 747 in a 180, that seems like living on the edge. I've been lucky to see the city on a clear night a few times and it is one of those experiences that you remember for ever. Even coming in from the lake on a clear day over Downtown is really quite something.
What do these guys do in real life? :)
acmi 1
wondering why ord instead of pwk
sparkie624 2
Would not have been nearly as good of video! :)
skykingsp210 1
I am curious as to what the landing and ramp fees were.
preacher1 1
I was always curios. If you just came in and left out again, not a t&g, but full land and then just right back out, who do you pay the fee to since no FBO or nobody involved.
flyingj481 1
In the middle of the night, many of the Class B airports don't charge landing fees for touch and gos/stop and gos. And, if you don't visit the ramp, no ramp fees!
m wl 1
VFR at night?? Never possible in Germany. But really the well done. Even if I've been the controller I would have been a little bit more "suprised" than he was. :)
william stough 1
what a neat, slow, experience. My hats off to ATC for the assist.
wiganerwiganer 1
A little surprised that 842KP didn't land longer to make sure he was above the wake turbulence. The wind likely blew it off the runway but still why take the chance.
Ehud Gavron 1
HA HA! Nicely done, Sir! Nicely Done!

I fly an R44 and so far have one "top busy Bravo" - KPHX. This one is beautiful, and your radio work is admirable.

Nicely done!

Ehud Gavron
Tucson AZ
FAA Commercial Pilot - Rotorcraft (but I can appreciate a good 172 approach/landing!)
steve rogers 1
that's what I love about flying , doesn't matter if your in a 747 or a tinny 172 , the view is just as awesome !
Roger Curtiss 1
And what is the landing fee for a 172 at KORD?
209flyboy 2
It varys. If you plan on arriving at 'Rush Hour' you'll pay a big premium. My advice is to plan your arrival much later in the evening after the heavy traffic subsides. I have paid anywhere from 50 to 250 in landing fees at KATL, KORD and other large airports if I arrive at certain times. Call the FBO and find out what they are charging for your arrival at what time of the day/night.
Went into EWR in the evening during the North Atlantic push, in a Diamond. Never saw a bill...
I flew a charter flight into O'Hare years ago. After taxiing into the ramp my radio quit. I found a phone, called the tower told them my problem, they told me to face the tower when I was ready to taxi, gave me taxi instructions, instructed me to face the tower again when I was ready for take-off. I did all that and never had a delay. Good service.
BaronG58 3
You departed with no working radios??
vbazillio 1
Nice souvenir.

I remember landing in KATL with a Cessna 172, 5pm. Yep, Atlanta Hartsfield ! In VFR, without flight plan. Just asking politely enroute Flight Following.
- "Yep, we would like to go to Atlanta"
- (ATC) "Confirm Atlanta... Hartsfield ?"
- "Affirm"
- (ATC) "... We'll managed that"

No delay, no wait. Unbeliveable ATCs. We overflight the field, join left downwind in sequence and I still remember the "Keep up best speed" and the 125 kt on final ;-)
Très jolie vidéo bel atterrissage Bravo et merci
747VMF214 / LFBO
preacher1 1
per google translate: Pretty nice video landing Bravo and thank you 747VMF214 / LFBO
Pretty much what it translates to
ahmad samadzai 1
Awesome. Just awesome. Please post the takeoff/departure video if you have it.
William Granch 1
It is shame that ATC is so uninviting to VFR traffic at class Bravo airports, I go to KLAS, KPHX and KSAN couple times a year in a C182 and get a lot of grief at all the ARTCC's. They have tried to reroute my flights to smaller airports and actually had me land at KHND to wait until traffic was clear. The key is to go IFR, even then you hear the animosity in the controllers voice. Be prepared for long takeoff delays too. Sure is
fun though.
P.s. bring an airport taxi diagram, you can get lost on the ground real fast, ask for progressive taxi helps too.
David Safarik 4
The reason that you need to keep the speed up is due to the fact that your max forward speed in a C172 is still 10 to 20 knots slower then the regional jet on approach behind you.

It also depends on traffic flow. If you are arriving when all the Part 121 aircraft are arriving, the controllers will be agitated most of the time. If you arrive during a lull in arrivals, they will not be agitated most of the time.

ATC really likes to sequence their aircraft far out from the field. For example, coming into Houston Intercontinental, from north of Dallas, center control may give arriving jets delayed vectors or speed restrictions to sequence them from the aircraft on the arrival, ahead of them. It is like a big choreography sequence, just like taxiing at O'Hare.

Chicago O'Hare always had the joke of, if you are not sure where to go, keep taxing. The controllers in O'Hare tend to get mad if you just stop in the middle of a taxiway, since you most likely disrupted every other aircraft that is taxiing.

When little VFR piston planes pop into the picture 10nm from the field with no flight following, I can see why the controllers may not be inviting. You are a new aircraft that is not in their sequencing, and what you request may cause a disruption for the sequencing of a few dozen aircraft. Especially if GA planes get lost on the field, while taxing.

As Dustin Schultz stated. File and Fly IFR into the field. It may take you on a route out of the way, but at least ATC will see your intentions to arrive, and start planning on how to sequence you into the traffic flow. Also, you could always try placing a phone call to the air traffic control facility. Tell them you want to fly in and ask how them about their entry procedures for VFR piston aircraft. Another helpful tip is to plan and brief your arrival and taxi path. If you find out that they are landing on a certain runway(s), you can plan your taxi before you even start your aircraft's engine.
preacher1 2
Well he did call, but to me IFR is the best and while maybe a little disruptive, they'll know you are coming rather than you just popping in out of nowhere and everybody else can see you too.
David Safarik 1
I was responding to William Granch's response about ATC not being inviting. I did not watch the Youtube video, yet.
Dustin Schultz 3
The key is to definitely go IFR. I used to keep my 172 based in KCLT. I have flown into many Class B airports. Generally, if you are confident and know what is going on when calling up Approach, they will treat you with the same respect. The controllers don't know who is on the other end and have to approach a person flying a C172 into Class B with caution, especially VFR. Like the controller says, it is very easy for someone to over shoot a runway and fly into the path of another plane on approach. Another request many controllers have when flying a small plane into Class B is to keep the speed up until short final and exit the runway quickly.
Chris B 2
Think you hit the nail on the head, ATC get anxious handling a Pilot who they perceive lacks the experience of a 747 driver. Most of my trips are Class C, I've used Kbos (B) once but the jump in fees discourage frequent usage.
Mike Williams 2
Agreed. I have flown VFR and IFR with small planes into KCLT many times. If you are VFR, just get flight following long before getting near their airspace. Then you are in the system and they will be ready for you. At KCLT, as long as you buy 10 gallons of gas there is no ramp fee at Wilson Air. That's about the same as many other airports that are not class B.
Ilya Haykinson 1
Not every Class B is equally picky. I was doing some practice flights on vacation in New Orleans, taking off from a Class D airport, when the instructor said "hey, let's go do some touch and goes at the big airport". What proceeded was the most surreal "cleared into Class Bravo, enter left downwind, cleared for the option" with me preceded and followed by 737s. It's kind of odd to be doing a sideslip crosswind landing on a runway as a Southwest jet is holding short waiting for you to get out of the way and take off. I think I got three touch-n-goes before we moved onto something else.

Obviously the above would never work at KLAX. :)
Dustin Schultz 1
That's awesome you were able to get into New Orleans. Almost all Class B controllers would utter the words "UNABLE" as soon as "touch" from touch and go comes out of your mouth!

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