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Tour The Gulfstream G650, The Best Private Jet $65 Million Can Buy

At $65 million, the Gulfstream G650 is the biggest, fastest, and overall best private jet money can buy. ( More...

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I believe the BBJ and ACJ are maybe slightly bigger than the G650...
More than slightly...
And yet, neither BBJ nor ACJ have the range, speed (cruise and MMO), or cruising altitude of the G650.
The G650 is a great airplane though.
preacher1 3
I definitely wouldn't turn one down if they gave it to me. LOL
canuck44 1
Good to see you back, Wayne. You might have to avoid "thin air" for a while though.
preacher1 1
Yeah, gettin' around pretty good. Followup this afternoon and we'll be seein' about all that. Gettin' kind of boring just sitting around inside though. LOL
Jason Feldman 1
"I'd buy that for a dollar" - Looks better than an SUX6000, doesn't it "Murphy"
Bryce Johnson 2
From what I have read, there is a way to cut the line....cough up some more money. I know some of the earliest ones went for well over $70 for those people that wanted the first ones. Saw the G650ER the other day and it is absolutely unbelievable. Cleanest, most beautiful wing Ive seen. Perfectly streamlined
Todd Johnes 1
That's what gets me about these newer Gulfstreams. The wings are just so gorgeous. Similar to the A380... yeah the plane itself is big, but that WING is massive!
eric dufay 2
The G650 is an amazing airplane...but most expensive private jet probably goes to this guy.
Jason Feldman 1
This piece of crap would be nothing if not for oil. I have no respect for these oil-sheiks and their tacky use of money. But yeah, I wouldn't kind having an A380 as my home. Personally I would prefer a 747-8... but I am kinda happy that he chose Scare-bus... who knows, we might all get lucky and the tail fin might break off or something. (preferably over Saudi Arabia and not over the US.
preacher1 3
They call it the BEST, but I kinda liked my little super modified CRJ. The 767 wasn't no slouch either
chalet 0
The G650 and Bombadier long range are very nice planes but after 10 hours aloft I know that the execs traveling on them would prefer having flown full first class on a 380 for the simple reason that they have much eider and bigger spaces to mill aroung, take a shower, and sleep more confortably, and the BBJ and ACJ can be more confy than the 650.
I know a couple of G550 owner/operators that routinely fly 10+ hours and they would disagree with you. Personally, I get stir-crazy after 4 hours and can't imagine flying 8+ hours. I know one G450 owner that flys 8+ hours several times a year and they enjoy it. Their previous aircraft was a Hawker 800XP.
chalet 2
Well if your friends splurged $50+on a Gulfy they got to say that they love it and I am with you, crossing the Atlantic or Pacific specially on Eastbound legs even Business class is very demanding on my irritation department. Once I company i dealt with was trying to fly a VP of an unnamed South American country clear across the US from Orlando to LAX, SFO and back on a Learjet 35 to impress him on certain installations and hopefully get a similar order. I told these guys if they want to kill the prospective business go right ahead with such a cramped thing, he would disembark in LAX and kiss them good-bye. The company did not want to spend on a Gulfy 4 and that was the end of it (LOL!!!)


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