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The 15 Coolest Airline Paint Jobs In The World

As airlines and airplanes have evolved, so have their "liveries" — the exterior designs, including paint colors and logos, on the aircraft. ( Plus d'info...

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Some are great...but many of these are nothing special !
Rob Anthony 3
I have to agree with the concensus. Don't know who was on the panel, but there are only about 3 that I find at all interesting. There are alot of others that I see at airports all time that are better. I do think AF1 is iconic though.
Jerry Rader 3
It seems that Alaska Airlines livery is just as unique and distinct as any of these.
chalet 2
Lousy choices some deserve to be sunk in 100 ft. of water
Leighton Elliott -2
Asiana tried hard at SFO to do just that, but a pesky seawall got in it's way.
nick morris 2
I don't think they know what 'cool' means.
Hernan Delgado 2
I enjoyed reading this article especially about the meaning of the icons, symbols, and colors of the liveries. The livery featuring the names of the different areas of an aircraft was interesting and amusing. Thanks for posting it.
AWAAlum 3
My reaction as well. Not fond of the blaring green, but naming the parts shows an airline with a sense of humor. Liked that.
Going to have to disagree with the old ANZ livery. I like the blue but not enough.
Carol Paine 1
There is another plane with a cool paint job. NUKair(.com). Neat duck bill.
Interesting that they only chose current airlines. Otherwise Ansett Australia's Sydney 2000 livery should be on that list, as well as Nok Air. Love the All Blacks livery, though.
Jeremy Chen 1
They are not really all that special.
kvh1775 1
I've always like South West's Sea World Killer whale paint job, it would be nice to see it on a 747 or a 380.
Navy65 1
And the winner is Calder's paint job on Braniff's DC-8 circa 1969. Honorable mention goes to Eastern's Golden Falcon paint scheme in 1964.
AWAAlum 1
I get Air New Zealand's idea in the different paint jobs, but to me, the "All Blacks" looks like a flying hearse.
wade roberts 1
Lame. I wouldn't embarrass my Cessna Cardinal with any of these. How about Southwest Airline's regular livery? Southwest's Shamu or Spirit of Texas livery? And why is Braniff Airlines Calder livery missing?
Paul Suter 1
I think what they meant was '15 airliners we've got pictures of'
paul trubits 1
Painted over. Something to do with the Orca not playing nice a Sea World.
David Stark 1
United is currently one step up from a generic white or yellow airliner with "Airline" painted on it in black.
Russell Fisher 1
Love the simple one, swiss air. Also miss the old style or less used now which is chrome, head to tail. Eastern used to have in my opinion a nice looking bird.
john Stahr 1
too bad those terrific illustrative Hobbit New Zealand Air "paint jobs" are just decal stickers....
Sorry, best airline livery out there is AZALs livery.
Allen Jones 1
AA=Absolutely Awful
PaulN2719 2
I'll take Air Canada's "toothpaste" any day over AA's redesign!
I like the old A/C livery. with the flat black from cockpit to nose. Very clean and mean lookin
AWAAlum 1
I really like the new design. I'm thinkin' some of these attitudes are just sour grapes. New new livery is modern, clean and simple and flies the right colors.
Edgar Murphy 1
Tail looks like they did not finish it.
Pileits -1
Why doesn't the US Air force take hint from airlines regarding paint jobs. That air fore ONE paint job is just BUTT ugly always has been.
AWAAlum 2
When I see Air Force One, I get goose bumps (for all the right reasons). It stands for something I'm personally proud of. Talk about branding!
..actually the NEW CDN GOVT scheme is much better than the AF1
siriusloon 2
The only reason it has blue on it is because that's the colour of the currently-ruling regime. There's no blue on the Canadian flag. Expect a repaint after the next election when we have a regime change.
Ev Butler 1
Maybe when the new AF1s are completed in 2017, or thereabout, they will have a much better livery, or none at all. I would prefer all white to the blue and white. Has anyone heard any rumors as to what aircraft the new AF1s will be, 744s maybe?
siriusloon 1
They haven't decided yet, but it will be a Boeing. Airbus declined to compete, mainly to avoid losing because there's NO way POTUS would be flown around in a foreign aircraft.
AWAAlum 1
As it should be.
Betty O 0
I love the Kulula airliner.... I would be a great teaching tool for kids!
bdarnell 1
dianne hay 0
Caribbean airlines hummingbird should have been on this list if the list was at all credible.

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