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Fall flying Hudson River Vally

Mid-Hudson river mist and fall foliage over the Catskill Mts. 1950 Beechcraft Bonanza ( Plus d'info...

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Great video.. Originally from the beautiful Hudson valley having flown out of Stormville, NY. Lived along the river just south of Poughkeepsie, and have flown up and down the valley for many years. Thanks for sharing..
ADXbear 1
Very Nice, thanks for posting
Sacha Botbol 1
Glad you enjoyed it. Hard to beat fall in the northeast!
Sacha Botbol 1
Stormville was a great little airport, too bad it is no longer active. Lots of fun places to fly around here.Glad it brought back good memories.
It was a great airport. Had a 1940 taylorcraft, which I restored, and flew it there from 1973 until around 2000. 135 airplanes tied down there, sky diving operation, and a lot of great fun. Present owners, daughter of the original, decided she could make more money with a flea market. A real shame.. Happy flying.
Great videos! I had a 182 based out of Brookhaven airport on LI and spent a lot of hours flying to Hudson valley airports visiting relatives in Poughkeepsie and New Paltz. Also enjoyed your Montauk video as I've been to that place too along with BI, Marthas Vinyard, Nantucket, generally all over the northeast. Didn't have go pro videos in those days(70's through 90's).

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