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Robin hood airport in doncaster closed due to aircraft crash

Doncaster airport is closed due to a small passenger aircraft crash landing on the side of its runway ( Plus d'info...

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Allan Hickman 2
As I saw it there was no need to close the Airport, the Crane that was used to load the Aircraft onto a Low Loader lorry could have easily moved it well away from the Runway so that it would not impede the aircraft landing at Robin Hood... its not as though its Manchester or even East Midlands... 3 or 4 aircraft would have used the airport in the time it was closed.
Not much info about the crash. Was anybody hurt? I like the name of the airport though. Does it rob the rich to give to the poor?
paul Greasby 1
Doesn't aviation rob the rich to give to the richer?
Allan Hickman 1
Don't they ALL?
According to some people airports rob the poor and give to the rich, Allan. :)
Allan Hickman 2
Very true Wolfgang... they need to keep the shareholders HAPPY.. if you need to use the airport they need to get as much money as possible... our Government is the same they rob the poor.... and keep it for them selves... and say that's Democracy...!:)I took photos of the small aircraft that closed the airport.. took longer for the Inspectors to look at it than anything else... PLENTY of CUPS of TEA...!!
Jeff Reader 1
Not that I am aware of, although the name has caused some controversy as Doncaster claims to be the birthplace of Robin Hood, thus the name. Nottingham is the major city to be considered the area where most of RH's deeds were done which is miles away from Doncaster.
Formerly RAF Finningley. Now home to the last remaining flying Vulcan bomber as well as being a commercial airport. At the moment the Vulcan, the UK Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster, and, for the very first time, the Canadian Lancaster, are on tour round the UK.

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