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Plane crash in Iceland on drag strip

Video of a twin crash onto a drag strip in Iceland. This was published in the Globe and Mail. Does not look like a regular stall spin or CFIT incident ( Plus d'info...

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Scott Campbell 1
Much better video and inforamtion on the link below, the squawk that should have been up front.
joel wiley 1
Some background...
Incident occurred Aug 5, 2013 at airport in Akureyri, Iceland. Beechcraft King Air 200 air ambulance with 2 souls aboard. Appears that somehow the co-pilot survived. It seems the video was just released for some reason.
joel wiley 1
correction: 3 souls aboard.
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Aeroplane crashes at drag racing club in Iceland - Unbelievable video released!

A plane crashes into the drag strip of a racing club in Iceland, killing two of its three occupants. The dramatic footage, which was filmed in August 2013 but broadcast for the first time this week, captures the moment the Beechcraft King Air 200 air ambulance nosedives into the ground at Motorsport Hlíðarfjallsveg in Akureyri. Miraculously, the pilot of the light aircraft survived the crash

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