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First Private Harrier Takes Flight

BE SURE TO LOOK AT NALLS BIO PAGE TOO: What is likely the first civilian Harrier jump jet reportedly had its first flight in private hands at St. Mary’s County Airport in Maryland on Saturday. Owner Art Nalls reportedly decided not to shatter any neighbors’ nerves (not to mention their windows) and made his first takeoff and landing in the ex-Royal Navy Harrier FA2 short field, rather than vertical. Just what he plans to do with the notoriously (some say gloriously) loud VTOL aircraft isn’t… ( More...

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JLPeterson 0
Check the FAA's incident reports, he had the gear collapse at PATUXENT RIVER MD. already, so I don't think the noise will be bothering anyone for a while.
flygirljc 0
I got this email from Art:

Thanks, Jan. I DID have a huge smile on my face! And, it's still there!

We're trying to get permits to tow it back and start the process to get it back in the air, soon. Thanks for the picture and I'll keep you in the loop.

My first words after the vertical landing and the gear collapse were, "These sumbitches almost land themselves!"

The ground crew knew right then and there we were going to be alright.



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