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Bombardier’s first CSeries aircraft is set for its maiden flight

Bombardier announced that the first CSeries aircraft, flight test vehicle one (FTV1), is set for its maiden flight. The flight is scheduled to depart Montreal-Mirabel International Airport tomorrow morning around 10AM local time. See it live webcast and track it on FlightAware. ( Plus d'info...

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Mephistopheles 2
Easyer to follow from its ADS-B live position on

You can see it now while parked in the hangar, nice ADS-B coverage there! C-FBCS
Zomme map on Mirabel abd change map to Satelite
You will be able to see a live webcast at in English or at in French
Fist flight is over:
I am surprised the Quebec Language Police did not force Bombardier to take down the video because it was 'filmed' in Montreal, and narrated in English. Mon dieu!
Mephistopheles 2
French and English are both National languages in Canada and yes it is also in French. But not in spanish for the USA just English.
matt jensen 1
The boss wants a pair of them. I agree - better to buy Canadian than EU consortium
Has been posted yesterday...
J L 2
Okay, so I'm guilty of a duplicate squawk. I really did search for it, but I guess I missed it. What can I say? I'm only human.
That's ok, we're all only human.... :)
There are speculations that Bombardier might offer a slightly modified long range version that would allow an all business class configured plane to fly for example from the New York area directly to London City Airport. I've no idea if that would make sense.
Kevin Brown 2
Yes, Odyssey Airlines has ordered 10 CSeries to be used on the London City / New York Route. Unlike the A319 British Airways currently flies on this route the CSeries will not have to make a stop in Shannon Ireland on the westbound leg
Thanks Kevin. So modifications other than an all business class configuration won't be necessary? I felt that would be a bit tight as far as range is concerned, but lower weight of this configuration might be enough.
Alan Winn 1
Correction: sorry, not tomorrow morning around 10AM local time - but Monday morning around 10AM local time
Kevin Brown 1
LIVE Webcast:

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C-Series flight scheduled for Monday

The CSeries will fly on Monday — barring rain or a technical glitch.

Bombardier Inc. said the long-awaited event would finally go ahead “pending optimal weather conditions and aircraft readiness.”
J L 0
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CSeries first flight set for Sept. 16

Bombardier has posted that September 16 is the target date for the first flight of the CS100. From the Facebook event page:

"We are targeting September 16 for #CSeries aircraft first flight.
Don't miss the live webcast of the maiden flight at
More precise timing will be confirmed approximately 24 hours prior."
biz jets 0
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Bombardier CSeries filed for 10:10 departure time for English coverage for French coverage

Photo from high speed run yesterday;

On the ramp this morning;

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