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Heineken Asks Travelers at JFK to Drop Everything, Fly to Mysterious Location

Would you be willing to abandon your flight plans to take a free trip to a mysterious location? For most travelers, the answer seems to be no. ( Plus d'info...

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I would be all over this! They are paying for the entire trip, right?? SOLD!
josh homer 3
Reminds me of ATA's Ambassadair travel club. They did mystery trips a few times a year. They only told the pax how to pack for the climate. I miss working for ATA.
pfp217 2
Karl Andrews 2
Many years ago when my ladyfriend and I were stationed in Washington, we used to drop over to Andrews AFB on weekends and hop the first standby flight out. Got to many places probably would never have thought of going otherwise; only got stuck once having to fly commercial back. Took a few days leave and made it to Hawaii one time.

joel wiley 1
So, anyone who just happens to be strolling through JFK can press the button and get ticketed for an immediate flight to somewhere. Just be sure to have your passport, and hope it is not someplace a visa is required. Didn't mention if it was round trip.

If you can't afford it, you can't afford Heineken
Bill Kline 1
when they comming to Bufalo??
dee9bee 2
When you learn to spell.
I have flown to many destinations for the past 5o years and always enjoed a Heineken in flight and on arrival. So yes I would. Alas I am presently only visiting Australia .
Bruce Evans 1
We did this on our own 20 years ago. Friday after work over drinks in midtown Manhattan; 2 couples, one single lady. Florida lottery was up to $100M, a big deal then. No stopping to pack, off to LGA in suits carrying briefcases. Delta to Orlando in First, booked a condo from the Delta lounge. Sat morning shopping for shorts and tees, sandals, toothbrushes, the works. Bought a bunch of lotto tickets, didn't win a dime. But had tons of fun touring EPCOT and partying hearty Sat night. Home to NYC Sun evening. So, Mr. Heineken, we had the idea first!! : )

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