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Cirrus chute aircraft lands in back garden

A pilot successfully deployed and landed his Cirrus SR22 using the cirrus' emergency chute system. the 76 year-old pilot landed the aircraft in somebody's back garden in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire without injury. ( Plus d'info...

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Any chance of it being fitted to the Dream Liner?
Hugh Wells 4
I actually saw this!! Was scary seeing it come in to "land"! Glad the guy is ok.
That's not a landing. Lol
Mick 3
so 295 of these have been deployed. well that says a lot about the chute but not much about the airplane. I wouldn't brag about that score and as matter of fact what is more important is what is the cause of all these inflight Cirrus for me thanks !! Oh and one case where the chute failed to deploy after a repack but the guy got down ok just like he was trained to do.. he flew it ! !
Every time I see these stories, I'm reminded of the two guys in the southern US [NM or AZ IIRC] who couldn't pull the handle...[early system issue, since resolved] So they just glided the plane down for a landing. They had to get a mechanic out to fix whatever was wrong, then flew it out of the 'off-airport' site. So instead of destroying the a/c [which is always the case w/ these chute deployments] they handled the emergency like trained pilots and the result was LESS damage to the aircraft and people inside than if they'd been able to deploy the chute.

If you pull the chute, you destroy the a/c and you run the risk of lower back injury because the landing is like a 22ft free-fall to the ground. The seats don't give enough cushion and the lower back gets compressed etc.. while you may 'walk away' from the crash, you may not.. [it most certainly is an uncontrolled crash at that point]

I think these systems are a great idea but waaaaayy over utilized for incidents that they shouldn't be. It also gives pilots a false sense of security to push limits they shouldn't be pushing.

Just my opinion.
joel wiley 2
Another perspective - short video of the chute coming down.

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