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Concorde on Google street view

British Airways Concorde G-BOAC on Google maps street view. (May take a few seconds to load) ( Plus d'info...

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Marie Haines 5
Such wonderful memories of when living nr heathrow and seeing her in flight........why ever is she in a hanger and not in the air like she should be
a fantastic aircraft....the roar from those four engines on after- burn was music to my ears. just one accident(and not through the fault of the aircraft) sealed her fate, whereas other makes and models have a worse safety record and are still flying..dont makes sense.
we shall never see the like again
David Barnshaw 3
I flew to JFK from LHR on AC on the 2nd.July 1998 and back again on 5th.July-same plane,same crew-the Captain was Leslie Scott who held the record for the crossing on 7th.February 1996--2 hours 52 minutes 59 seconds-----Ah memories.
Keith Furlong 2
Concorde and her technology, reminds me of the article a few weeks ago about scientists trying to discover why the Main Engines on a Saturn V worked so well and if they could re-invent the wheel for future space flight. It would appear that aviation breakthroughs are a thing of the past - how sad
Wow, sad. I remember seeing a Concorde the first time when it visit my then hometown of Upington in South Africa. She only did a touch and go, but it was enough to have created a life time of admiration.
my fathers home lay in the flight path and every day about 11am she flew over on the way out..and oh! what a picture she made. To look at all the aircraft in use to-day, there is nothing flying to equal CONCORD.
Simon Jones 2
Their is also one preserved at Brookland Museum in Weybridge.

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How nice to see AC looking so clean and well looked after.I was one of the cabin crew who delivered her to MAN on her final flight. It was a sad moment when the engines went silent for the last time. I recently went to NYC and popped down to see AD by the Intrepid. What a shame she's not as well looked after. You have to pay for a guided tour as well now. I declined that as I'd worked on her for 6 years.
andrew cole 1
Help! where's the exit to the Toilet. I'm busting!!

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