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Wright brothers flew 2 years after Gustav Whitehead, researcher claims

Shocking claim by Australian aviation historian John Brown: he has photographic proof that German immigrant Gustav Whitehead flew over Connecticut in 1901 -- Orville and Wilbur were second. Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/03/13/first-in-flight-wright-brothers-flew-2-years-after-gustav-whitehead/#ixzz2NQupZYOJ (www.foxnews.com) Plus d'info...

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preacher1 5
While there seems to have been some stuff surfacing from time to time, I wonder what the reason is for just trying to bring this up officially and to the public forefront over a hundred years later???????
Derek Winkel 4
Maybe Jane's is trying to sell more books...
Toby Sharp 4
That's what I was thinking...
Chris Donawho 1
Doesn't surprise me one bit.

In fact, Christopher Columbus comes to mind every time I hear about someone historically being the first to do this or discover that.

Or the guy they made that movie about, who invented windshield wipers for Ford or GM but got the shaft for his invention.

Same deal. I even read somewhere once that the Wright Brothers knew they weren't the first.
Toby Sharp 1
Old Post last week
Michael Turik 1
That probably explains why it was in USA Today. I didn't see it posted here so gave it a shot.
joel wiley 1
Slow News day at Fox. Maybe 'shocking' because it he announced it with Tase in hand?
joel wiley 1
er Taser. fubmle fingers again
Pileits -1
What can you expect, it's FAUX News reporting after all!
Brian Bishop 2
Yeah, I didn't believe there was a new Pope yesterday til I saw it on CNN either.......

Cant wait to see the difference in the story when it's aired somewhere else.
Read it on several outlets. Reads the same. Duh !!
joel wiley 1
Unless I am mistaken, there is a similarity: all of the principals have passed and are not available to to contribute.
preacher1 2
I believe you are correct and no one left to really push it, one way or other. It does make one wonder thought why the Wright Bros. claims were not strongly refuted back in that day, OR, why his was not more publicized than it was. Just remembering early history, the Wright Brothers accomplisment went around the world.
Brian Bishop 2
What I found really amazing on my visit to the Wright Bro's Museum in Kitty Hawk was learning how they applied the theories of aerodynamics and lift to their propeller design. It was this development that allowed high enough thrust from a smaller (lighter) engine to get airborne, and maintain flight. Most of the design elements of fixed pitch props today stem directly from their research and development. It was as much their prop that led to flight as it was their airframe design.
Michael Turik 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Could Wright brothers, N.C. lose 'first in flight' stature?

Was a German immigrant from Connecticut actually the first to fly?

Liam Jeffries 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

The Wright Brothers may not have been the first to fly

Surprised? I was to. According to Jane's All the World's Aircraft, someone flew 2 years before the Wright Brothers. Read to find out more.


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