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Oprah selling her jet

Seems like Oprah is getting rid of her jet N54SL... Wonder since gulfstream is selling it shes picking up a new G650 ( Plus d'info...

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Eric Schmaltz 2
Who cares?? All that money and she's still butt ugly..Next story please!!
John R. 1
Appears she's getting picking up a G550 not a 650. N516GA is pending a change to N540W.
Ben Lillie -1
josh homer -7
Perhaps she can use those profits to pay for the taxes of the crap she "gave away" to poor people. Such a disgusting person.
Ric Wernicke 0
Let me see, BOMBARDIER GLOBAL EXPRESS XRS Basic operating weight 52,777 lbs. minus Empty weight 50,863 lbs. equals 1,914 lbs. Wow, I knew Oprah was a big woman, but it is time to diet there girlfriend!
oowmmr 0
Oprah Smoprah...Alex Spanos has a DC9 at KSCK. I think he owned the San Diego Chargers or part of them and flew them on it. Its out in front of the Jet Center with the Reverses open for the last week. Lots and lots of mooney, eh??
Damn, a black woman can't have a jet these days???
Dennis Stabler -3
Nobody cares. I hope I hurt her feelings!

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