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Homebuilt continues on long range trip, flies nonstop Hawaii-Guam

Honolulu to Guam in a single engine... Just insane....sitting in a flying gas can..... ( Plus d'info...

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ok, now i would have to say, they (He / she or both) are trying to beat out the records of Earhart and / or Lindburgh
phil gibson 1
And westbound at that! Amazing! Who is the crew?any sponsors?
phil gibson 1
Nope....sorry, not westbound......headed back Jax. Arrival to occur a little after 9:00 am EST Friday morning. Quite a feat!
Billy Ragan 4
wow he did a 22hr nonstop on 2-24 dont know if i could last that long
Eric Johnson 3
Here is a link to his website.
Toby Sharp 2
Get it Bill!!!!
KW10001 1
Guam to JAX? That's record breaking.
Toby Sharp 1
just landed.....16 hours 16 minutes
Torsten Hoff 1
Any idea where he is headed next?
phil gibson 5
I'd say..... "Keep goin' "........make it round the world! Once in a lifetime experience. Go for it!
Toby Sharp 1
non stop to Orlando i believe
Wilfred Taylor 1
Round the world flight is a whole different animal than what this guy must have in mind.

CONUS-to-Hawaii-to-Guam is all USA-to-USA-to-USA clearances: no international clearances involved... and minimal over-flight of foreign territory [primarily island nations].

Geewhiz Note.
250-Gallons of AvGas = ~1500# of gasoline
400-gallons of AvGas [max capacity?] = ~2400# of gasoline

Whew... blowing a tire on takeoff would make for a bad day.

Next leg??
Flyingmartian1 1
Guam to JAX????!
phil gibson 1
What? I see that! Wow....that's bold.......hope he's not old ...:) now that would be amazing....but that is what is showing on that is definitely newsworthy. I wonder if the Media is picking up on this?
phil gibson 1
What type is a GTWN Aircraft as listed as type? Just wondering?

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