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Ryanair's genius idea: Build aircraft with wider doors

The "pile-'em-high-sell-'em-cheap" Irish carrier looks to China for a boarding solution ( Plus d'info...

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Bill Schmiett 1
So you can deliver the 2 wide passengers to the aisle faster? Great idea. Lets jam up the area just behind the cockpit door instead of immediately outside the a/c door. Brilliant!
Ric Wernicke 1
Planes can be loaded faster if their is an incentive. First, turn away the schmiels that show up with too much cabin baggage. Second, line the passengers up with the rear of the plane first in line. Do away with all the pre-boarding perks. Why do people with kids need more time? Let the passengers know once the Jetway is open that after ten minutes, anyone not sitting down with with their belt fastened will be invited to take a later flight and practice their boardinng skills. If boarding is completed in less than 7 minutes, there is a free meal. If less than 5 minutes, free ice cream. The latter two will self-police.

One big problem I see now are rude people trying to mark territory on board, and taking other peoples territory, like filling First Class closets on the way to row 44, and stuffing your pillow and blanket in the seat pocket next to you.
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Ryanair plans to increase width of plane doors to speed up boarding

Noah loaded them on two by two and it will be the same for Ryanair passengers, if Europe's largest budget airline gets its way.

The Dublin-based carrier's latest idea is a radical change to basic aeroplane design: it has revealed that a Chinese aviation business is working on a prototype budget-carrier jet with extra-wide doors. Howard Millar, Ryanair's deputy chief executive, said bigger doors would allow people on and off more quickly, slicing minutes off the quick turnaround times that are a keystone of any low-cost carrier.

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