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Volunteer Pilots Shuttle Sick Patients to Medical Treatment

Angel Flight Northeast shuttles patients from rural Northen Maine to appointments in Portland and Boston. (bangordailynews.com) Plus d'info...

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Marcus Pradel 7
VPO (Volunteer Pilot Organizations) are the best way to give back for the infrastructure we all share.
Yazoo 6
Angel flight is a great organization.
Definitely, I wish I had my license so I could help people like this. Great organization and great people.
Klemons 4
This is why we fly
pilot0987 1
I was a fan of Angel Flight until they started to charge volunteer pilots an application and processing fee to volunteer. But other than that good cause
I'm pretty sure our company wasn't charged anything. You're right though, if you're helping, you shouldn't have to pay any kind of fees. Makes you wonder...
This posted in the wrong spot, it should've been in reply to pilot0987 up above...
chris trahan 1
I started flying for Pilots for Patients, based in Monroe, Louisiana, two and a half years ago, and it has been a wonderful experience. I get a lot of flying time, and the great majority of my passengers are very appreciative of what we do for them. I recommend it to anyone who, like me, found himself not flying enough and looking for a good reason to fly more.
I did one about 2 months ago and I hope god doesn't strike me for my comment. We had an empty leg ater a part 135 drop off, so we flew a girl in need of treatment along with her mother. No big deal, right? Well after takeoff, mother said to daughter, "your brother should be on his way to FL from Baltimore, we"ll see who arrives first."
I was told prior that they were from the Portsmouth NH area, but she then tells me FL is home and they were on vacation in NH.
I bought some Angry Birds stuff for the girl, tried to make her feel better.
I started to get this uneasy feeling that we got hosed, what are the chances of 2 kids from the same family in need of Angel Flights, and every one seems healthy and in good spirits??? Man, I hope I am wrong and God forgives me for being suspicious...

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