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Man leaves jail, boards flight without ticket

A man released from jail on Memorial Day wound up boarding a plane without a ticket on Tuesday, San Diego Harbor Police said. United Airlines flight 6323 was bound for Los Angeles from San Diego International Airport when flight attendants counted an extra passenger aboard the plane. ( More...

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max lyons 8
Why do we have TSA again??
Chris Bryant 10
Just goes to show that, at most airports, security is a complete joke.
Chuck Me 3
I agree. We focus so much on the passengers boarding the plane when it's pretty easy at a lot of airports (especially smaller ones) to access the tarmac where a bad guy could do bad things. Then there's the whole employee risk.
No cupcakes or hand cream were found! Makes me feel safer!
Chip Hermes 6
Thanks, TSA!
Toby Sharp 2
hey hey hey TSA
Chuck Me 2
As much as the TSA needs help. I'm not sure this one falls on them.
BC Hadley 2
You can't get past screeners without (1) a ticket and (2) valid ID. Well, you're not supposed to be able to get past them.
Chuck Me 1
The report I saw said he got to the tarmac from the ticket counter area, not from the secure area past security.
Chuck Me 1
Ticket counter / baggage claim. This was the commuter terminal at KSAN. If memory serves me right, there are many areas there where the inside unsecure area exits to the tarmac. I seem to recall baggage claim being close to the tarmac to where one could easily get to the tarmac by using one of the emergency exits.
preacher1 1
"Authorities later learned the man entered the tarmac through an emergency door in the airport's commuter terminal. Although the alarm sounded, the man quickly made his way through the tarmac and boarded the plane with the other passengers."

This is from the story above
Chuck Me 1
Yup. The article isn't clear if it's before or after security.
preacher1 1
Well, you are correct but I would have thought it would have been before as he had no ticket/boarding pass. If he was snmart enough to pull this off he certainly had enough smarts to know he couldn't get thru security without a ticket/pass.
Chuck Me 1
I agree. I think it was from before security.

Like I have said in other posts, my memory of that terminal has doors before security that go out to the tarmac. I think there is a door by baggage claim that goes out there. I seem to recall golf clubs being brought in through that door.
preacher1 1
There are a lot of smaller terminals across the country built before 911 that haven't been totally upgraded yet and with dwindling air service, some may never be. I've never been to this one so don't know but it sounds like it could fit the bill. Before 911, in a lot of cities, the Airport was the place to go as far as food & entertainment went. Most of them now are requiring everything behind security for the pax and that is good but it sure sacked the local business.
BC Hadley 1
I thought he was in the Commuter Terminal, which you should need to go through security to get to.
Chuck Me 1
I'm going by what I read and what I recall in the few times I have been there. If he got to the tarmac after going past the TSA, then I agree it's a TSA problem. I maybe wrong and the report I saw may be wrong (I'm trying to find it).
Chuck Me 1
At KSAN there's an entirely separate terminal called "the commuter terminal". If I recall, it's all a one story building with only a part of it "inside security". There are many areas that exit from the ticketing/baggage claim area directly to the tarmac without the need to go through security.
I agree it doesn't fall on TSA, but does fall on airport management. I am sure that the airport operator has their own internal security organization that should have noted the faults in the building design and made corrections/changes.
James Carlin 1
So the TSA was not doing its job because local airport authorities failed to use a high tech very expensive piece of space age technology known as a "door lock"? When an airplane toilet backs up I bet that is the fault of whatever city/county Water and Sewer authority the plane happens to be flying over too!
sparkie624 1
Glad they got him. Hope he gets good time for it.
honza nl 2
Yes ! Let's put everybody inside jail, costs nothing as jails work for free, like that?
Someone from jail = no money, wants to get home, and is inventive enough to show US airport security is not really as good as the dollars spent suggest. So if you think that that already is a big criminal act, then I wonder why all those Wall Street bankers are still free...
Wingscrubber 1
Baggage handlers, catering truck workers etc don't have to go through TSA screening either. It's wonderful how flawed the whole system is...
jdworley 1
A Sand Diego - Los Angeles flight? Seriously? You are back in jail now when you could have hitchhiked or snuck past security onto a Greyhound bus! I would have at least tried to sneak on a plane to Hawaii or New York......Make it worth it...
jdworley 2
"San" Diego I meant... Which of course in German means a whale's v****a.
honza nl 0
maybe confused with Chinese ? In German it means nothing....
Wow really nice security we have , so glad of the strict tsa guidelines!
J T 1
The irony is that he just got out of jail only to get thrown back in again over something clearly avoidable. Welcome to Con Air.

As Forest Gump would say........stupid is as...... stupid does
Robert Larson 1
Actually seems like "system working as designed." Passenger went through alarmed door. Alarm sounded and notified security. Security tracked man to plane. Flight attendants also noted too many passengers on flight. Man escorted off plane and dealt with. How exactly would we improve on this? You can't lock all the doors, you need fire exits. I think folks may have unrealistic expectations. Of course what's funny is this guy was clueless and just blundered through. If someone was really trying to do us harm it would be so easy. But that's the tradeoff of not living in a police state.
Todd Shaw 1
The TSA must have been upset by this. This was one less traveler they didn't get to feel up before he boarded the plane.
Flight Attendants??? On a Brasilia???
jdr567 -4
TSA...TSA...TSA.. You go Bobama
Rene Salazar 0
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Man boards plane without ticket or security check in San Diego

Hours after being released from jail, a man walked through an emergency door at San Diego International Airport, onto the tarmac and sat down on a United Express plane


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