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Airspeed systems failed on US planes

WASHINGTON – On at least a dozen recent flights by U.S. jetliners, malfunctioning equipment made it impossible for pilots to know how fast they were flying, federal investigators have discovered. A similar breakdown is believed to have played a role in the Air France crash into the Atlantic that killed all 228 people aboard in June. ( Plus d'info...

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Well, when in doubt, I push the nose over. Better too much than not enough.
N1982K 0
Except in severe turbulence where you need to slow down to avoid bending metal. Best to avoid areas of thunderstorms and not try to penetrate.
kapstaad 0
@EmeraldRocket: seriously? Maybe that works in Microsoft Flight Simulator with the "real world" airframe stress settings turned off, but in real-world aviation it's a very bad idea.

Go Google "Coffin Corner" for a quick insight as to why airliners cant just "push the nose over". Airliners routinely fly right up there in the Corner, sometimes with only a handful of knots separating mach buffet and aerodynamic buffet. "Push the nose over" in that environment, and Mach Tuck is probably going to make that flight your last.

Even in a GA aircraft, it's not the right answer. If you're stupid enough to penetrate a bad cell in the first place, and your airspeed indication is "in doubt", for some reason, the proper procedure is to set power to a value that will produce a level-flight TAS below Va (and you should know that power setting for your equipment), and fly the attitude indicator until you're out of the cell.

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