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Surf Air: Unlimited Pilatus Flights for $1k/mo

Interesting business model: All-you-can-fly first-class for $1,000/mo between Palo Alto/Monterey/Santa Barbara/LA. ( Plus d'info...

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Daniel Baker 3
Notice the asterisk at the bottom of the web page. "subject to regulatory approval". This probably means no 135 Certificate - yet. Many have attempted this sort of model, Can't think of any that have not failed. We'll see, maybe?
Roger McHugh 2
Is there any indication that "Surf AIr" actually has a 121/135 certificate and/or owns/leases any airplanes? Google shows nothing.
Daniel Baker 2
I'm curious as well. Given that they're selling individual seats like an air carrier, I'd expect that they'd have to pay the 7.5% federal excise tax and $3.80 per-segment tax. If someone flies 8 times a month and pays $1K, that's over $100 in federal taxes that Surf Air would have to pay since their web site says there are no extra taxes or fees.
Stephen Boyle 2
What’s the over under on survivability?
Chip Hermes 3
It's like a regular airline, except less expensive tickets, highest costs, less availability, and less operational efficiency.

How can I invest?
I'm trying to determine why I posted this a day before David and it says it was a duplicate
Johnny Sales 1
I am with a 20 year olf organization called Pilots for Christ. We are flying a Cheyenne II. Last year we spent almost $200,000 with Cheyenne Air on maintenance and we have already spent $53,000 this year. I am looking at a lease/purchase of a new or used Pilatus. We fly 40 hours each month taking time critical patients all over the U.S. and we do not charge them anything. Last year we flew 176 flights and we are funded only by donations. Please contact me on my cell at 251-282-9100 if you are interested. You are welcome to look us up at
Rick Barton 1
i think it is a scam... stating the obvius
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New California Low Cost Airline With a Whole New Idea

Surf Air, based in Santa Monica, CA, is a new low-cost airline that operates Pilatus PC-12s to fly you around the state. But you don't pay for each flight!
They are using Pilatus PC-12's, so I think it may be actually profitable
Interesting, they're advertising the 990$ per month rate for unlimited (meaning 11 trips per huffpost article) flights. Avg out to 90$ per flight and doesn't state if "stopovers" count as 2 flights. I'd say skipping th wx and hassle of sfo would be a perk and makes the 200+ mile journey alittle over an hour long.
Clever idea. Some of you flunked reading comprehension.
Bob Ziehm -2
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Surf Air, Silicon Valley's Newest Airline

Entrepreneurship - alive and well...

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