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Cessna Citation 501 Crashed WNC

Cessna Citation 501 crashed short of the runway and burst into flames at Macon Co., NC ( Plus d'info...

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John Andriulli 2
Since the report was that the aircraft was high, it sounds like the pilot was attempting to slip/dive it in. Never a good idea in a turbojet aircraft. Pure speculation, but if he was, and didn't lift the lower wing soon enough, and the aircraft wasn't stable before the flare, that could have been what caused the wing to impact the runway. Just speculation.. Very sad..
sking100 1
There were more than 3 on board. Now, four are now confirmed perished.
Brian Bishop 1
There's the story from Fox Carolina:

Just saw the news report and witnesses said the Citation "came in too steep, tried to correct, and then a wing hit the runway".
Terrible tragedy.
sking100 1
All five people perished. That was all that were on board.

Very sad. Bogdan was a wonderful guy. Would give you the shirt off his back.

RIP to all and our prayers to the families.
jim garrity 1
As always, very sad to hear of a fatal plane crash, being a C-150 or B747. Our hearts and prayers go out to all.
Kevin Brown 1
Victims still unidentified:

"The plane was registered to Bogdan Jakubowski of Venice Florida. Jakubowski was listed under a phone number that included the business name Nostalgic Lampposts plus Inc.

A person answering the phone at the number declined to say whether Jakubowski was on the plane. Asked if a family member could speak, he said, “They are not in any shape to talk.”

DashTrash 1
Calling their house. Ya'll stay classy Citizen-Times......
btweston 1
Yeah. Those reporters. Always trying to get information. Where do they get off?
DashTrash 1
Speculation is exactly what it is.......
kldfligtrrt 1
Anyone who has landed at Venis muni has scene this bright yellow bird with the big star on tail. Prayers go out to the family's of the lost souls.
Jason Bischel 0
Seems one of his engines went, that's the only reason I can think of right off hand on why his wing dipped. Without immediate correction by noticing loss of power right away that close to the ground there's not much to do. Pure speculation of course, no way to tell without knowing what really happened.
Matt Molnar 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Business Jet Crashes Near Airport in North Carolina

A Cessna Citation has crashed at the end of the runway at Macon County Airport in Franklin, North Carolina. Track:
sking100 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Plane down at Macon County

Rest in peace to our friend Bogdan, Anja and Peter.

Our sympathy reaches to the families affected by this tragedy.

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