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Why It Makes Sense to Fly With Caribbean Airlines

Many airlines fly to the Caribbean, so if you’re going on vacation there you have lots of choices. For people who want to get something extra from the islands, however, Caribbean Airlines should be considered. Let’s take a look at why Caribbean Airlines is the choice for many experienced and frequently travelers to and around the Caribbean. You might even find a great reason or two to make them your airline of choice too. ( Plus d'info...

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Arun Baboolal 0
can't go wrong with two free bags @ 50lbs each.
indy2001 0
This article's timing is a bit suspect, considering their "incident" in Guyana just last month.
if i travel to the Caribbean i'll fly these guys thanks! airlines in the u.s are only a pleasure to fly when flying first class even though crews are very friendly just like any other global airline.
chalet 0
I thought that this was a commercial-free blog. If somebody wants to promote an airline or a product he should go elsewhere.

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